The garden

- Manual or vinegar weeding.
- Tall mowing with mulshing process.
- Use of mowing and hedge trimming waste for mulching.
- Use of rainwater for watering.
- Compost.


- All food preparations are made from organic products.
- We favor purchases from local producers and we mainly do our shopping by bike or electric bike.
- For your breakfast, the bread, the brioche, the pastries, the jams and the yoghurts are homemade.

The house

- Use of eco responsible materials for the renovation of our RT2012 certified house .
- Production of solar hot water.
- Self-consumption of electricity by photovoltaic panel.
- Storage battery to minimize our dependence to the grid.
- Recovery of unpolluted gray water.
- Green'Up socket for electrical vehicule charging (3.7kw).
- Heating by pellet stove.
- Turning off unnecessary standby devices day and night (TV, box, etc.).
- Installation of a double flow VMC.
- Low consumption light bulbs.
- Aerators on taps to limit water consumption.
- Recycled paper for printer and brochures.
- Use of eco-certified cleaning products.
- Selective sorting including in the rooms.
- Information in the rooms to help you respect eco-friendly gestures. - Use of bicycles as soon as possible for getting around and shopping.