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plage de pich poud

   The beaches      

- Loctudy has six beautiful fine and white sandy beaches link well oriented and protected, with safe swimming for children like the large beach of Lodonnec (photo) 5 min walk from Balade Océane.
- Langoz beach is supervised and accessible to the disabled.
- In Audierne Bay, wilder beaches are also easily accessible by car.

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chateau de Pont l'Abbé

   The curious      

- The Loctudy discovery circuit,
- The Kerazan manor,
- The Le Coeur shipyard in Lesconil,
- The bigouden museum of the Pont l'Abbé castle,
- The port of Guilvinec and its Haliotika museum to discover the local fishing and the auction of the port,
- The Eckmühl lighthouse and its lifeboat museum,
- The Tronoën chapel and its 15th century Calvary,
- The house of Bretons games for young and old in Saint-Jean-Trolimon,
- Visit Ile-Tudy by taking the ferry from the Loctudy marina.

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allée couverte de Pors Bihan

   Neolithic sites      

- the Bigouden South Country between Lesconil and Saint Guénolé has many Neolithic sites: menhirs, dolmens, covered alleys and alignments. We have put together for you a discovery circuit by bike or by car of these vestiges of the past.
- The archaeological site of Menez-Dregan in the north of the Pays Bigouden will make you discover a major Paleolithic site with an occupation dating back to -465,000 years and one of the oldest traces of fireplaces and use of fire in Europe.
- Nearby, you can also discover the beautiful covered alley of Pors Poulhan as well as the Neolithic necropolis of the Pointe du Souc\’h, listed as a Historic Monument.

- Tours available in GPX format

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cathédrale de Quimper

   Quimper: Heart of Cornwall      

- Stroll along the banks of the Odet and discover the old streets of Quimper with its half-timbered houses and its Gothic Saint Corentin cathedral,
- A guided tour is organized by the Quimper tourist office,
- Discover the popular arts and traditions by visiting the departmental Breton museum without forgetting the museum of fine arts link,
- In Locmaria, Breton art is highlighted with the famous Henriot earthenware and the embroidery of Pascal Jaouen.
- Immerse yourself in Breton folklore during the Cornwall festival by the end of July with its groups of Breton dances and music until the end of the night.

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- The Pont l'Abbé biscuit factory link with its Breton cake specialties such as Kouign-Amann.
- The Kerné cider house link and the Hénaff pâté house link in Pouldreuzic.
- The visit of the la Compagnie Bretonne, cannery of Saint Guénolé where you can taste delicious fish recipes.
- "Super food from the sea" our seaweeds are treasures to cook - store at Marinoé in Lesconil.

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chemin sur la dune

   On vacation without my car      

- We have put together a program of several days for you to do without a car link.
- From Quimper train station, bus 56-C link , Loctudy-Lodonnec stop, drops you off 50 m from the house.
- There are also regular air connections to Quimper or Brest.
- Bike rental in Loctudy link for your trips.

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vélo près de la mer

   The cylists      

- The bike route N ° 5 of Brittany entitled "The coastline by bike, from Roscoff to Saint-Nazaire" link passes near the house along the beach. You can follow it from Pont-l'Abbé to Audierne bay. It takes quiet little roads and a greenway (old railway line) between Guilvinec and Saint Guénolé.
- The ferries between Loctudy and Ile Tudy then between Sainte Marine and Bénodet are accessible with bikes.
- Possibility to rent bikes in Loctudy for young and old here.
- A Chapels and Menhirs circuit is offered here.

- Tours available in GPX format

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chemin bord de mer

   The hikers      

- The GR 34 coastal long-distance path passes near Balade Océane. The opportunity to make pretty walks for everyone by walking away from the house.
- Go along the seaside between the house and Lesconil.
- Walk towards Loctudy and Pont L'Abbé along the river.
- Take the ferry at Loctudy marina to visit Ile-Tudy.
- Loan of walking maps and guides.
- Proposals for circuits around Balade Océane here.

- Tours available in GPX format

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goelan brun sur rocher

   Sea birds      

- Beaches like the Pont l'Abbé river and the Ster river in Lesconil offer the possibility of observing birds up close.
- We lend binoculars and nature guides to make the most of it.
- Discovery of the fauna, flora and dune landscapes of Audierne Bay link.

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jogger sur la plage

   The joggers      

- Several circuits are available from the guest rooms:
The seaside, the Pont l'Abbé and Lesconil rivers, as many opportunities to discover chapels, fountains, dolmens and menhirs by the waysides.
- PDF tours available here.

- Tours available in GPX format

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kayak sur la plage

   The kayak      

- Discover the Pont l'Abbé river link or on the Odet link.
- Go meet gray seals in a sea kayak off the Guilvinec link (reservation required).
- Beginner or initiated, the Bigouden’spot pass is for you. It allows you to discover many nautical activities at reduced prices.
- Map of participating sites here.

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surfeurs sur la vague


- At 20 km, the Pointe de la Torche is renowned for its spot and its surf and kite surf schools.
- Courses and equipment rental are possible on site link and link.
- You can also learn sand yachting on the large expanses of sand in Audierne Bay.
- Beginner or initiated, the Bigouden’spot pass is for you. It allows you to discover many nautical activities at reduced prices.
- Map of participating sites here.

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voilier sur la plage


- Sailing course or rental of a sailboat at the Langoz nautical circle in Loctudy link or at that of Lesconil link to learn or to improve.
- Beginner or initiated, the Bigouden’spot pass is for you. It allows you to discover many nautical activities at reduced prices.
- Map of participating sites here.

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   The aquatic walk      

- You can practice water walking along the beaches of the country Bigouden Sud.
- Details and reservation on lien.

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danseurs Fest Noz

   Fest Noz      

- Come and participate in a Fest-Noz, this typical Breton "night party" with its meal animated by sea songs followed by a ball where various groups of folk musicians will introduce you to the traditional dances of the region.
- The calendar of events is available on the Tamm Kreiz website

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tableau gaugin

   And a little further...      

- The port-museum of Douarnenez,
- The typical village of Locronan,
- The exceptional setting of the pointe du Raz,
- The walled city of Concarneau,
- The pretty village of Pont- Aven and its museum presenting works from "Pont-Aven school".
- In Brest, a unique trip to the heart of the oceans at the Oceanopolis site.
- In Lorient, the City of Sailing for a discovery (with the family) from sailing in the wake of Eric Tabarly and ocean racing.

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- Tours available in GPX format

Download the GPX viewer application:

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circuit de la plage de Kerfriant (4,2km)

circuit de la plage de Lodonnec (4,4km)


circuit Loctudy par les plages (9km)

circuit chapelle de Plonivel et la rivière du Steir (11km)


circuit Lesconil (16km)

circuit Pont l'Abbé A/R (17.5km)

circuit Plonivel-Quelarn-lesconil (19.6km)


circuit des Chapelles & des Menhirs (43km)


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